April 17, 2013

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Here on the twin-ship, we love learning about different artists and photographers. While watching HBO’s In Vogue: The Editor’s Eye, fashion editorPolly Mellen, briefly recounted her experience working with the talented artist/photographer, Richard Avedon. Their collaboration led to his famous nude photograph of, Nastassja Kinski, laying calmly, as a snake sticks it’s tongue out to “kiss” her ear. It is one of the most stunning fashion photographs of all time.  We felt so compelled by Polly’s experience that we needed to learn more about Richard Avedon and his black & white photographs that always seem to tell a vibrant story.

Twinship 2 cent – Richard Avedon:

1st cent: Black & white photos are a simple way to add elegance and nostalgia to any space, which make for  great “conversation staters.”  Like Richard Avedon’s photos, black & white photos can add just the right amount of charm.

2nd cent: We live in an over photoshopped, over staged world. It’s nice to see photos without the unrealistic airbrushing. So get inspired by Mr. Avedon…take an unfiltered, canid shot. You’re beautiful, bombshell.

And to quote the Associated Press, ” Richard Avedon redefined fashion photography as an art form while achieving critical acclaim through his stark black-and-white portraits…” We completely agree!  Here are some of our fav photos.

To learn more about Richard Avedon and to see more of his photographs click HERE.

Richard Avedon

Richard Avedon


Feven & Helena #twinship

P.s. Could you pose naked with snake? What photographers inspire you?

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7 responses to “Twinship 2 Cents – Photographer Richard Avedon”

  1. Love the unique photos 🙂

  2. bombshell says:

    These pics are amazing, I especially love the last one with the little boy. Even though this photo is a bit gritty, it somehow captures the little boys style / natural swagger.

    looove these!

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