Happy Thanksgiving from The Twinship

Happy Thanksgiving from The Twinship! Feven (left) Helena (right)

Happy Thanksgiving from The Twinship!
Feven (left) Helena (right)

Happy Thanksgiving to all of our “third twins” out there! As mentioned in our pervious post,  yesterday marked our 1 year blog anniversary (yay!),  and of course we’re so thankful to you all!

Thank you for laughing with us and joining us on our twinship journey!

In true twinship tradition — we spend our Thanksgiving holiday in good ol’ Rochester with our lovely family. Upstate usually gets cold around this year, but we definitely didn’t except the snow! We totally got spoiled from the LA sun and we forgot the Upstate NY girl in us. We didn’t check the weather on our iPhone and presumed the weather would be the same as last year , but we were so wrong! By the time we landed we found ourselves at, TJ MAXX,  looking for fashionable gloves and hats!

Here are photos of us playing and freezing in snow as our mother prepared for our delicious Thanksgiving meal. It’s so crazy to see us (east Africans) running around in the cold! Something just doesn’t feel right!

Helena playing in the snow...

Helena is wearing…
hat: TJ MAXX find | |$4.99
gloves: TJ MAXX find | $9.99
black tights: ZARA                                                                                                                                                 boots: STEVE MADDEN

Feven playing in the snow...

coat: ZARA
hat: gift from friend
gloves: Calvin Klien via TJ MAXX | $9.99
grey tights: ZARA


Feven & Helena #twinship

P.S. We hope you’re somewhere warm and you’re enjoying Thanksgiving with people you love!

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  1. cansouplover says:

    Happy Thanksgiving girls! I wish you a holiday season full of joy and happiness! Your pictures always make me smile 🙂

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