Living in Cray Cats Style

Feven and Helena Cray Cats Part II

Feven and Helena Cray Cats Part II


Cray Cats, Feven and Helena

Cray Cats, Feven and Helena

#Repost, cause why not?

We like to call this “Cray Cats Part II Edition.”

As you know, Beyonce’s empowering self-titled album inspired our first cray cat look…here comes “Living in Cray Cat Style” inspired by the definition of 70’s boho modern glam, Rachel Zoe,  and her new book: LIVING IN STYLE.

Within a few pages, we felt compelled to dance around in our neighborhood in a long dress, faux fur, and sunglasses like we were “living in cray cats style.” We even cleaned our kitchen wearing this long over-the-top BCBG bridesmaid gowns circa 2009. After all…style begins at home.


Feven & Helena #twinship

p.s. have you ever wore your bridesmaid gown again?

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  2. melooks says:

    The photos are amazing! Great colour combination! Love the pink <3!

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