June 11, 2014

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feven & helena

Some days you just want to throw on anything and “make it work.” Other days you take the time to make sure it works. And then some other days you take the time to make sure it works, but you want it to seem like you didn’t put too much work! Get it? It’s that ‘I-woke-up -like-this’ look we try to pull together when we wake up.

To get the ‘I-woke-up-like-this’ look for work – not only should you look “together” but lets FACE it (literally) your makeup should  be #flawless, too! Um, can you tell we listened to BEYONCE this morning?

To achieve a #flawless look you have to make sure your eyeliner is on point! We talked about eyeliner a few posts ago and we apply this routine on the daily! Rarely will you see the #Twinship without eyeliner  – seriously we feel naked without it!

Bottom line, it may seem shallow that we’re encouraging you to put a little effort in. Brains – always first! A polished look is a bonus. So if you have a few extra minutes in the morning – add some blush on, put on some lipstick, feel confident, and take over the world!


Feven & Helena #twinship

P.S. Here are some pictures we snapped of ourselves – yes we are our own photographers. ‘Who run the world?’ Ha! Helena is wearing all H&M with the exception of ZARA pants. Feven is wearing Urban Outfitters jeans & blouse and a necklace from downtown for $5.00!

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7 responses to “Twinship Work Wear Wednesday”

  1. I feel naked without eyeliner too! And you girls are just lovely, as always!

  2. anltryk says:

    nice look nice girl 🙂

  3. Mariana says:

    It is amazing how beautiful and stylish you girls are, loving your blog!!!


  4. Olivia Angerosa says:

    Loving both of your necklaces!


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