It’s in the (makeup) Bag!


We literally wear the same makeup everyday. We rarely step out of our routine – because when we do – it just feels uncomfortable. We’ve tried different shades of red lipstick for winter and deep burgundies for fall but found that reapplying our lipstick more than 5 to 6 times a day was just a little to much for us. Believe it or not (for the most part) we’re actually pretty low maintenance. In the morning it takes us about 15 minutes to do our makeup and maybe 20 minutes if we’re heading out to drinks with friends.

The trick: we stick to products that makes us feel confident. Keep scrolling down to find out!

5 of our faves!  


We’ve been wearing this color for about 8 years. This lipstick has a pink/taupe undertone – enhances our lips without looking too heavy or forced! Perfect color for work or an evening out with your love!


We discovered this liner after watching one of Patrick Ta’s makeup turtioals online. Apply this liner to your waterline and BOOM you look even more awake. Plus, it really gives you  that “no makeup” look.


This highlighter is PERFECTION. We apply it after our bronzer to give us that luminous “J.LO glow”.


Okay, this is hands down the best mascara EVER. Not only does it make our eyelashes curl but it nourishes them also. Our eyelashes have never been this long and thick. Promise you’ll love it.


We can’t tell you how many times we’ve been asked about our eyeliner – the secret – apply a gel liner first. This liner glides on easy, is waterproof, easily wipes off and it has a secret sharpener.

What are some of your everyday makeup products?  Let us know in the comments section below!


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8 responses to “It’s in the (makeup) Bag!”

  1. InstaLaura says:

    I’ve gotta try Mocha!! Thank you!

  2. BeautyQueen79 says:

    Does the highlighter work on paler skin tones? I have fair skin – thank you!

  3. Shadia Marini says:

    Hello beauties!

    Can you tell me more about the chromagraphic pencil and how it works? Looking like you have no makeup on is right up my alley 🤗

    Also, the mascara. As I’ve been staying away from using any because of the “making eyelashes brittle” so if this allows me to have curl and some color while keeping my eyelashes in tact, that’s winning!

  4. hey girl! thanks for your question. and try that mascara – promise it works! and yes, the makeup no makeup is always winning! we’ll def post something in the next few days but here’s what we’re talking about:
    if you don’t want to watch the full video – fast forward to 19:39. xoxo

  5. bombshell says:

    I have to try that highlighter! I’ve been on the market for one, and seeing that you’re women of color makes me want to take a chance on this one, because it works for you… !! Love the pictures, and styling! Would love to see a photo of you both with the makeup on!

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