Get Up! Get Dressed! Get Out!

Feven and Helena

Do you ever have days when you can’t get up, but you know you have to because there are a million different things you have to do? Well, that’s the feeling we got when Beyoncé didn’t win Album of the Year at the Grammys. Now we love, Adele, but 25 didn’t speak (or sing) to us like Lemonade did, but that’s a deeper, longer conversation.

The truth is, somedays we just don’t want to leave the house, but luckily we have each other to motivate us to: get up, get dressed and get out!

Here are 2 tips that help us get out of our funk:

  1. Go on Pinterest and type in “inspirational quotes about life.” You can thank us later!
  2. Wear a bright color! Like red, pink or yellow! According to behavior physiologist, colors can’t dictate your behavior but they can help your mood and productivity.

And that’s what we did! We went on Pinterest and then got dressed for a meeting at one of our fave coffee shops in Los Angeles, Alfred .

Feven put on her Valentine’s Day red and Helena put on that “Hold Up” Lemonade yellow!

Let’s begin with Feven…red.

Feven in Red

Details// Vday vibes vibes:

sunglasses: Celine// jeans: Seven//jacket: DVF wrap dress — used as a duster. top: H&M// shoes: Calvin Klein.

And end with Helena…yellow. 

Helena in yellow

Details// Hold Up yellow:

sunglasses: Maui Jim// jeans: Zara // coat: Zara (remixed my last green look…we’re still on a budget!) // top: H&M// shoes: Marchez Vous xo Yearly.

So if those tips don’t work, put on Beyoncé and let folks know, you ain’t sorry!


Feven & Helena #twinship 

P.S. did you know that red is the color of passion and yellow is the color of happiness?

9 responses to “Get Up! Get Dressed! Get Out!”

  1. QueenB says:

    Love the colors! You girls are so sweet.

  2. Amanda T. says:

    Love you ladies. You always look like a class act(s). Love from Toronto.

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  4. You both look absolutely gorgeous! Love your style so much <3

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