This morning our mother surprised us with the most delicious pumpkin pancakes made with an endless side of love.  Being that carbohydrates are like an endangered species in LA, we were apprehensive to take a bite, so seeing a round, fluffy, warm, pancake placed neatly on a festive holiday floral plate looked a little odd. But, within a few seconds we snapped out of it, dove face first into the plate and embraced the carb-coma ahead.

If your mother is anything like ours, the type that can take a can of beans and voila Thanksgiving dinner has arrived (including 3 stuffing options and all), then you know what we mean when we say, we really don’t know how she made those pancakes? And, even though all the ingredients were scattered across the kitchen island, my mother couldn’t tell you EXACTLY how she made those pancakes. She’s a magician in the kitchen – and all our friends who have had one of her meals would attest to that.

In our attempt to spread the warm-pancake-love experience with you all, here are a few festive holiday pancakes to share with your family and friends: Chocolate Chip Pumpkin PancakesSpiced Pumpkin Pancakes, Whole Wheat Pumpkin Pancakes, Martha Stewarts Pumpkin Pancakes. 


Feven & Helena #twinships 

P.S. Now that we’ve started our blog my mother is going to write down all her recipes’ to “share to the world” so she can, “be in your kitchen too!” Isn’t she the cutest?