A great song can change your mood, help you forget your worries, and freeze moments in time. Here are 3 songs we can’t stop listening to.

 Diamonds – RIHANNA

Favorite Lyrics: “Find light in the beautiful sea/ I choose to be happy/You and I, you and I/We’re like diamonds in the sky”  

Released September 27, 2012 (just one day before our birthday). Written by Sia Furler, Benjamin Levin, Mikkels. Eriksen, Tor Erik Hermansen.‘Diamonds’ has been on our Twinship playlist for a hot minute! We HEART Sia anything and could tell Rihanna vocal techniques were influenced by her.

American – LANA Del REY

Fav Lyrics: “Your skin so golden brown/Be young, be dope, be proud/Like an American”

Released November 13, 2012 written by Lana Del Rey Rick Nowels and Emile Haynie, this song is our ‘Star Spangle Banner.’

Everything is Everything – LAURYN HILL

Fav Lyrics: “I wrote these words for everyone/Who struggles in their youth/Who won’t accept deception/Instead of what is truth”

Released May 4, 1999 this isn’t new music, but this song will NEVER be old to us.  Written by Lauryn Hill and Johari Newton and produced by Hill.

What’s on your playlist?


Feven & Helena #twinships

P.S. Did you know the song ‘Everything is Everything’  features piano music by John Legend?