Helena holding 'Funny Bunny'

Helena wearing & holding ‘Funny Bunny’

The pressure of picking the RIGHT nail polish is equivalent to picking out the color of a car! Well maybe not that serious…but you know what we mean. And in our opinion one of the hardest colors to get right are the neutrals, as you want a color that looks clean but doesn’t look boring.

And so, for those of you who want to take a break from dark fall colors and soon-to-be winter reds, we highly recommend our safe haven, ‘Funny Bunny’ by OPI. There’s a subtle sheer, white, elegance about this color that leaves us gazing at our prefect nails for days, and it works well on EVERY skin tone, hence ’50 Shades of Funny Bunny.’ We’ve worn this color to weddings, photo shoots, holiday parties, and have gotten great responses!

To help relieve ‘nail polish anxiety’ here are some tips to picking the right color for you!

  1. Base your nail polish color per season.
  2. If it’s a special occasion, make sure your nail polish is cohesive with your ensemble.
  3. If you have cooperate jobs (i.e. assistant, attorney, manager, etc) we recommend that you stay away from the neon hues, as you still want to be taken seriously at the work place.
  4. Pick a color that makes you feel the most confident– so if you want to take a break from the trend, that’s ok, we do that, too.


Feven & Helena

P.S.  Other than keeping your nail polish in cool, dry places, the best place to store your nail polish is in the fridge. Read here.