Christmas is almost here…which is great…but let’s be real, “tis the season” of the added pressure of finding the perfect holiday gifts for your family and friends. And yes, the gift of giving is the greatest gift of all, but our twinship belief is, we should spread  the wealth without spreading ourselves (i.e. pockets) too thin. So, here are our Cheap Chic of the Week’ — just in time for the holidays!

Litter Litter ‘Lock & Key’ Friendship Braceletes | $38.00 

We fell in love with the twinship bond of sisters and jewelry designers Rachel & Mackenzie when we were first introduced to them on ABC‘s ‘Shark Tank.’ We found their concept of recycling litter into jewelry ingenious! These ‘Lock & Key’ bracelets are adorable plus 1) who doesn’t like a 2-for-1 deal? and 2) this twinship gift instantly becomes a “keepsake” and does not need a gift receipt! 

31bits Headband 31 Bits Design Shea Headband | $24.00 

We first discovered 31 Bits from our fabulous girls at Glitter Guide, and after getting great responses and questions from our blog post ‘Playing in Our Mother’s Jewelery Box’ , we thought this Shea Headband would be a lovely gift to give to our friends. Best part is…this gift really does give back! It’s handmade and curated by the powerful women of Northern Uganda. Read here. 

BB Dakota BB Dakota Scarlet Red ‘Aiko’ Dress |  Sale $45.50 

We love anything chevron and found this dress to be modern, flirty and fun for a holiday work party that may be near. Pair it with a cute blazer or wear it as is and you’re set! This says, “I’m too cool to work here….” Or maybe it’s her pose? 

Overstock Hoops Sterling Silver 1/4ct TWD Diamond Hoop Earrings | sale $22.79

We love giving earrings as gifts for 1) you don’t have to guess what size your friends are and 2) when picking out the right pair they can look more expensive than they really are. We love these hoop earrings as they add a little bling and instantly make an outfit look even more sexy! 

H&M SweaterH&M Sweater| $24.95

We love H&M anything and felt this sweater fits casually, comfortably and sexy! The sweater is purl-knit which gives it that “relaxed” feel and comes in black, apricot, light blue, powder beige and green. With all those options — you can’t go wrong! 


Feven & Helena #twinship #approved

P.S. To all our lovely friends aka “twinship bombshells”  you don’t have to guess what ‘Santa’ is getting you this year!