This year’s Christmas tree was an adventure. As Feven was placing the last bejeweled candy cane ornament on the tree, the tree literally collapsed on her! Helena quickly ran over, and together we lifted the tree off of the floor. And, guess what? Our gel nail polish didn’t chip!

Lesson learned: make sure to purchase the correct size stand for your Christmas tree. We made the mistake of buying a 6-foot stand for an 8-foot tree! That’s like buying size 6 shoes when you’re really an 8!

So, after the drama of the falling tree, we had to clean up all the pine needles from the carpet and  redecorate our tree.

This year we decided to do a red, silver and gold theme and found more than half our decorations at the 99 Cents store! Yes, we’re twinship budgetnista! 

Here are some pictures of our twinship Christmas tree!

Twinship Tree 1

We bought these plants at the flower market in  downtown LA and decided to spray them gold using Design Master Thick Metallic Finish in Gold Medal to add to our gold-theme.

Twinship Tree 3

If you feel inspired to spray your holiday plants — be sure to do it outside. 

Twinsip Tree 2

We bought the disco ball ornaments, red bows (on the very left), and candy canes all from the 99 cents store! 

Twinship Tree 5

We love the color combo of silver, gold,  and red for the holidays! 

Twinship Tree 3

We bought these red and gold ornaments from Target! 

Twinship Tree

Bejeweled candy cane — perfect accent and fun!

Twinship Tree 8

Snowflakes say “Christmas.”

Twinship Tree 9

We loved these silver, white, and gold sparkle ornaments and pair them with gold stringed pearls.

Twinship Tree 6

Our mother bought us these twinship angels 2 years ago and they haven’t been apart since!

Twinship Tree 10

Instead of  a traditional skirt we bought gold  fabric and draped it around the tree!

Twinship Tree 11

and tada! here it is…the twinship Christmas tree! 


Feven & Helena #twinship

P.S. …and this is what happens when you have too much eggnog and twinship chocolate chip cookies  the night before! We look exhausted!

Peace & L.O.V.E.

Too Much Eggnog

Too Much Eggnog