Today marks our 4 week anniversary of and it seems fitting that this blog entry be a thank you to all our avid readers, supporters, people who get our jokes, make us laugh, make us feel like we are being heard, teach us new things and most importantly get that the twinship ain’t about us all-the-time.

With that said, it only seems fitting that this entry honors one of our biggest supporters — the chief mama of the twinship — our beautiful mother! Our mother is our everything. She is our rock, our saving grace, our protector, and our hero. She is our greatest example of what a woman, wife, and mother should be. And although she stands all of 5-feet-tall, she undoubtably stands taller than any person in the room — opinionated, smart, and a wonderful listener too.

Like most immigrants who come to America, displaced from their motherland, forced and fortunate to live in a new country, there is an innate self-determination instilled within their hearts and minds. A desire to give, to be more, and do more. Our mother works tireless hours as a nurse and wears a uniform everyday. Sometimes she is just too tired to make that extra effort of putting on eyeliner, lipstick and so on because quite honestly…she’s too busy working overtime to send money to our family back home in Eritrea. So during Thanksgiving break, we decided to pamper her and to give her a ‘mama makeover’ — twinship edition!

Using most of the Twinship Top Ten Beauty Products, here are some photos of  what we like to call…”the transformation of mama chief to twinship bombshell.”

And again, thank you so much for visiting us — you all are our “third twin!” All aboard the twin—SHIP!

Chief Mama Twinship Before our fav beauty products are applied remember to always clean your face moisturize and apply a little lip moisturizer! 

We keep hearing Stevie Wonder singing “isn’t she lovely…isn’t she wonderful…”

The TwinshipAnd here we all our! All made up the twinship way! 


Feven & Helena #twinship

P.S. This really deserves more than a ‘P.S.’ but our father is equally incredible!!!

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