Feven and Helena layer necklaces to make a statement.

Feven and Helena layer their necklaces to make a statement. They are wearing necklaces from their local flea market, H&M, Forever 21, and gifts from friends.

We love, Love, LOVE,  statement necklaces! To us, a statement necklace can turn up any basic top. We can attribute most of our love for statement pieces to our Eritrean culture and it’s appreciation of bold, elegant jewelry.

Like last week’s Twinship Bombshell, First Lady Michelle Obama illustrates, a bold, modern, charming, oversized necklace can dress up a simple t-shirt or blouse, and it can compliment a gorgeous gown. Feven prefers, black, white, and gold and Helena loves bold colors like Pantone color of the year emerald green.

And if you want our “2 cents ” (twinship style of course),  it’s best to pair your bold statement necklace with no earrings, but if you can’t bear bare ears, we recommend pairing your statement necklace with subtle studs. Either way, be bold, be brave, be beautiful, and be YOU!

Frist Lady Michelle Obama and her statement necklaces.

Frist Lady Michelle Obama and her statement necklaces.

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Feven & Helena 


Feven & Helena #twinship

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