Disclaimer: We are not dermatologists, just twins answering a few friendly emails about our skin routine.

We got a few e-mails asking, “what do you both do for your skin?” And truthfully, we don’t do much. Your skin type and moisturizing level is largely based on genetics, but we do swear by Pond’s Dry Skin Cream “the caring classic” and of course…Cocoa Butter  (we apply that every night and use Cocoa Butter as our under eye cream.) As you can see…we don’t spend too much money on the ‘fancy stuff’ — we’re all about affordable, accessible and attainable skin care items.

But our #1 Twinship rule for healthy skin is… NEVER GO TO BED WITH YOUR MAKE-UP ON! WASH YOUR FACE!


Feven & Helena #twinship

P.S. What is your #1 skin care rule?