If you’ve ever met us in person, visited our site, or tuned in for our Sunday’s IG LIVE then it’s no secret how much we LOVE the brand COMMODITY and in particular the fragrance, BOOK! Christmas came early for us folks, because now there’s a BOOK candle– just in time for the holidays! The incredible team at COMMODITY sent us over a package with all our favorites! Best part, they sent two of everything so we don’t have to share!


The candles make you want put down your phone and cruel up with a good book. Something about the smell of sandalwood transports us to a Midnight in Paris kind of world, where we’re reading poetry with Ernest Hemingway and enjoying a nightcap with F. Scott Fitzgerald.

Question, can a fragrance make you feel smarter after each spray? We know, crazy, right?

Feven (L) & Helena (R) & BOOK.

Helena (L) & Feven (R), BOOK.

You can get BOOK by COMMODITY at Sephora or just order it on their super clean and chic site.

Their candles and genderless fragrances make for really classy and premium holiday gifts. Be sure to show us how you #StyleYourCommodity!


Feven & Helena

p.s. thank you again, Sierra!



4 responses to “COMMODITY x FEVEN & HELENA”

  1. Alden says:

    So it’s a unisex smell? I like it.

  2. Sarah Kidane says:

    Going to try it. There’s a travel size too!

  3. Alicia says:

    you girls are the cutest. I’m gonna try that smell too.

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