January 23, 2018

Written by


feven & helena

As creative entrepreneurs — the journey can be an isolating process filled with uncertainty and moments when you doubt yourself based on past failures. This is just a part of the game of business — you will win and you will lose, but we consider ourselves incredibly lucky to have each other, a mirror, a guide.

In times when we feel as though the journey is weighing on our soul we turn to God for a “sign” to validate our intuition. And in a world where social media plays a huge rule in the way we connect with others — we receive sweet photos in our DM inbox— which we now refer to as a ‘divine messages.’

To the women who purchased our apparel: thank you from the bottom of our hearts and please keep sharing!

We firmly believe all women are ‘born with it’ and in a place where external factors may try to undervalue you — we strongly urge you to continue to hold tightly to the #sisterhood.

The strength of your sisters will always pull you through. This isn’t just about a “crop top” or a t-shirt — it’s a movement.


Feven & Helena

P. S. You all are forever our motivation.

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2 responses to “SISTERHOOD FOR LIFE”

  1. Andebrhan Haile says:

    You are in the right path. in Business there is always up and dawn. Your dawn should be your energy to motivat you. Keep going. l read in one book saying” Job is just over broke. There fore business is the key for financial freedom.