October 8, 2019

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feven & helena

Last April we had the opportunity to meet with a major executive in the beauty industry. 

During this meeting a question was posed that would later influence the creative direction of our brand and in particular this shoot. 
Here is an excerpt of an e-mail we wrote this executive immediately after our chance encounter:

We wanted to express what an honor it was meeting you —easily one of the highlights of our trip.
The question you posed: “what do you want to be remembered for?” resounded within our minds and hearts. It’s a question we asked ourselves when creating the 2•4•1 brand. 
We can’t recall if we made it clear to you. However, we will answer your question borrowing the words of the beloved Dr. Maya Angelou:
“I (we) would like to be known as an intelligent woman, a courageous woman, a loving woman, a woman who teaches by being.”
We understand as Eritrean political refugees, born in a refugee camp in Sudan who survived one of the worst famines in history, that this journey is not just about *US* but rather we know we are a vessel for a higher purpose — that is to show the world the rich culture of our heritage.
We will stop there but understand that our long walk to making a mark in the beauty industry has just begun and we thank you for the lessons! 

Dare to be classic,
Feven & Helena

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2 responses to “You have the power to crown yourself…”

  1. Semhar says:

    I just saw Ig sold out! When is it back on stock?

  2. Luwam says:

    It’s sold out! It’s only been a few weeks? When is it back!?