Do you remember that scene in SEX & THE CITY (the film), when Carrie and Charlotte went furniture shopping for the perfect desk that could inspire Carrie’s writing? Like Carrie, we are on the hunt for the perfect desk for our home office, and along the way we discovered the “BE BRAVE” print by Kelli Murray. Birdie (that’s what we named her) is just darling! Her colors keep us calm and her words encourage us. She was a great purchase.

Your chair, your desk, the photos that surround you can really affect your mood and creative thought process. Here are workspaces that inspire us! So where do YOU want to work? And, where ever you are in life, remember to always ‘be brave.’

Be Brave by Keli Murray

Be Brave by Kelli Murray

PINK CHAIR.jpgThe Art History Girl

Although Charlotte from Sex & the City was the art dealer, we could totally see Carrie writing here.

Wood and WhiteTHE VERMONTER 

As the saying goes, “one twinship’s junk is another twinship’s treasure…” Well, it’s actually ‘man’s’ but just go with it. The girl who works here doesn’t buy birthday gifts…she just makes them! 


This office space is modern and minimal. The guy or gal who works here is creative and clearly recycles and creates!

THE CREATORTHE CREATOR (we can see Kanye working here.)


This is one of our favorite interior designers Mary McDonald’s home office. We love the power blue everywhere and the way her lamps balance the space.

SIMPLY PERFECTTHE INVENTOR  (so fresh & so clean & so Steve Jobs!)


We love this cork board! You can create a similar look with a hot glue gun and fabric!

BLACK & WHITE.jpgTHE WRITER (who loves photography and reads old scripts)


Feven & Helena #twinship

p.s. For more images and info on the work spaces above click on this. Defining your workspace is really important– especially if you work from home. And be sure to find a comfortable chair with great back support!