January 24, 2017

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feven & helena

Feven & Helena

You don’t have to spend like a baller to look like one.

It’s true! You don’t have to spend a lot of money to look premium! We call this: budget & boujee! 

When we were little girls, our parents rewarded our good grades with new outfits. We studied extra hard just to be able to shop at the sales rack because our father believed we should never buy anything full price.

As much as we love to “shop our Pinterest boards” and check out our favorite fashion bloggers latest expensive faves on Instagram, the reality is most people can’t spend like a baller to look like a one. So when we found out Zara was having their seasonal sale (where the entire store becomes the sales rack!) we were reminded that making cost-effective choices is paramount – especially as focused businesswomen.

There are 2 ways to make a $20 Zara skirt look $200.

  1. Highs & Lows rule: Pair lower cost pieces with higher pieces (or as we call them “investment pieces”).
  2. Solid with a touch of pattern: take a solid color and pair it with stripes or texture to chic up your look.

Let’s begin with Feven…

Feven ballin’ on a budget

vibe: J.Lo in ‘Maid in Manhattan’ Central Park vibes.

budget baller adviceSolids are your friends. Black always looks expensive.

investment piece: My sunglasses, a Christmas gift from Helena (it was on sale!) and my DVF Secret Agent bag, a gift from Diane herself.

 And end with Helena!

Helena ballin on a budget

vibe: Dead Poet Society private boarding school realness.

budget baller advice: Invest money in designer sunglasses. It will completely transform an entire outfit.

investment piece: My Ray-Ban sunglasses and my YSL clutch, a gift from friend


Feven’s ballin’ in: $20 Zara shirt, $15 Zara turtle neck, Lanvin $149.00, handmade earrings from Ghana – given as a gift from a talented friend.

Helena’s ballin’ in: $49 Zara coat, $12.99 Zara striped button down, $99 Ray-bans

A little reminder, as our fave #GIRLBOSS  Sophia Amoruso says, “Money looks better in the bank than on your feet.” Cash is QUEEN!


Feven & Helena #twinship

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12 responses to “Ballin’ Bloggers on a Budget”

  1. onelove says:

    Love your looks! You ladies look “expensive” hahaha. What did you guys put in your hair to give it that slick back look?

  2. PoppySeed says:

    Love Feven’s skirt and Helena’s jacket!

  3. Heather S. says:

    Went to Zara and the coat wasn’t there. ?

  4. GT says:

    Two African Queens!! Twining. ☺ I love your style. LA/NY Chic. Beautiful! Keep up the good works. God bless you both. Cheers!

  5. bombshell says:

    I LOVE how 100 u keep it!!!!!!!!! bad and boujee is right! look fierce ladies!

  6. Ashley says:


  7. Red says:

    This look is EVERYTHING