February 15, 2018

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feven & helena

As businesswomen, some days we feel like we’ve accomplished something and other days you feel like: “what are we doing with our lives?” It really doesn’t matter how confident you are, or how secure you may feel that day, you are only human! You are allowed to feel. In fact ‘feeling’ is the key ingredient to passion and with passion you can override your fear — you can do anything.

The other day — at our local post office — this women arbitrarily approached us and asked the obvious question we are always happy to answer: are you ladies twins? Then (for some reason) she asked us to write down three things we are thankful for. We thought — well this is strange — do we seem somber today? “No.” She replied. “I just heard this Oprah podcast with Maya Angelou and I thought to share it with you.”

Well, as you know we are obsessed with all things Oprah and Maya Angelou so…here are our 3 things.

1. We are grateful to all the women in our lives. You all are our superheros. You manage to do so much and make it look so easy! Women give birth, save lives, inspire lives, lead from the front, women do it all!

2. The love of our mother and father. The older we get — the more we understand their strengths, courage and determination and their incredible will to survive adversity and remain united.

3. Black Panther (I mean who isn’t?!) We. Can’t. Wait. And we know this is only the beginning!

Ok, now you write down your 3 things for today and when you’re feeling like things aren’t where you want them to be…look back at your 3 things and remember how incredibly special and amazing you are and that there is no one like you in this world!

Go ahead, be brave and know we are proud of you!


Feven & Helena

p.s. keep swinging.

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2 responses to “3 Things You Are Grateful For!”

  1. Bombshell says:

    this is a great thoughtful post! 3 things off the top of my mind: 2. the gift of motherhood 2: My health 3:. still having my parents alive. Life has seasons! and naming things we’re grateful for, are great reminders of why we keep going!