August 13, 2018

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feven & helena

We just pulled an Oprah and made ourselves the cover of our own (pun intended) magazine because let’s be real…Oprah covers always give us life!

Which leads us to, Mercury is in retrograde until August 19th and we’ve been trying our very best to keep our emotions intact. In attempt to avoid the ‘retrograde blues’ we decided to pour ourselves a glass of rosé, apply our new #beclassic set from our makeup line 2-4-1 Cosmetics coming this fall, and wear our new custom designed West African skirts Feven had made in Ghana.

After all, a part of feeling good is looking good, right? And to be totally honest, creativity keeps us going.

About the look…

We should mention we hardly EVER wear the same thing — something our mother and father instilled within us as little girls. When we were in the first grade our father took us shopping (always the sales rack) and asked us to pick out clothes that reflected us. Helena almost always went with pink or pastel colors, while Feven tended to go for the deeper colors like red, greens and even black. Oddly enough, the combination of those colors are seen in this textile!

The textile came from a small market in Kumasi, Ghana. Feven wanted to modernize the traditional print by turning it into a sleek, long skirt that can be worn to a business meeting or Sunday brunches with friends. Filed under: 2-4-1 get it?! As practical women, we are always trying to make the most out of everything…including a skirt.

We paired the skirt with a simple tank we purchased from Zara for $5.00 and black pumps from Lulus. Proving that style is not synonymous with cost.

So what do you think about our look? And how are you handling your ‘retrograde blues’ — let us know in the comments below.


Feven & Helena

p.s. we made the magazine covers using CANVA. It’s the best!

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7 responses to “F&H in F&H”

  1. Ashley says:

    You girls are so classy and cute. Can’t wait for your makeup line.

  2. Semhar says:

    You girls are so cute. Love the skirts.

  3. Indigojazz says:

    Omg I love the combination . Bursting with color, but sleek , modern , and traditional at the same time.