April 11, 2013

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feven & helena

Yup, the Twinship is really feelin’ blue…as in we are lovin’ navy blue! The Twinship trend forecast predicts that everyone and their twinship will be painting a space in their place blue very soon.

Navy blue is elegant, contemporary, transitional, fresh, feminine, and masculine. It’s a regal-cool-color and gives your space personality.

Here is our navy blue Twinship 2 cents:

1st cent:  If your space is lacking architectural detail have no fear ’cause Benjamin Moore is here! We highly recommend ‘Evening Sky’ — we feel it’s the perfect navy blue! The hues are warm, elegant and not intimidating.

2nd cent: Contrary to belief, in small spaces paint your walls a dark color instead of something bright. Rich colors like: black, navy blue or charcoal grey give the illusion of a bigger space and instantly adds warmth to small rooms.

Here are some very blue rooms that inspire us to grab a paint brush and paint the town…blue!


Feven & Helena #twinship 

P.S. What’s your favorite paint color?

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7 responses to “Twinship 2 Cents — Feelin’ Blue”

  1. bombshell says:

    I love the idea of painting a wall navy blue, hadn’t really given it much thought up until now, and it’s such a great alternative to the harsh black or standard gray!

    Navy blue seems really cool! hmmm….

  2. Thank you so much, bombshell. Navy is a great choice. Be well!

  3. We are using a blue/grey coastal theme colors for our lake cottage. Also blue eating spaces have been said to cause people to consume less food at meals.

  4. bombshell says:

    @Sparkleypinklemons eat less? who woulda thought?! thats awesome, can you please post pics of your cottage?

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